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Scentsy World Tour Spring 2023 #ScentsyWorldTour2023

Scentsy World Tour in the US starts on 1/28 and goes through 2/25 – with stops from California to Maine!

We are a Scentsy family, and nothing motivates or inspires more than being together in person to share ideas — and excitement over new products! — to celebrate each other and to fill a room with Scentsy Spirit. We will be sharing previews, sneak peeks into upcoming products, and more on our Facebook page , coming soon, and on our Spring Summer 2023 Catalog pages.

Coming Soon Limited Time offer reveals for Spring 2023 at Scentsy World Tour

Please note: This is not a complete list. Dates, prices, and information are subject to change from previous launches . We will update as information becomes available closer to each launch.

Dobby Scentsy Buddy (March 1st)

1 3

Easter Collection (March 6th)

Scentsy Bring Back my Washer Whiffs Voting Period (March 2023)

Epcot Blossom of Fragrance Scentsy Bar Bundle + Fragrance Flower in Sunkissed Citrus (March 6th)

1 3

DC Comics Batman Scentsy Buddy & More (March 13th)

1 3

Mother’s Day Collection with DC Comics Wonder Woman Scentsy Warmer (April 1st)

1 3

2 6

Spring Scentsy Bricks (Beach Daisy, Cucumber & Cactus Water, Orchard by the Sea, Pink Apple & Nectar, Summer Berry Melon – April 10th)

Tinker Bell Scentsy Collection (April)

Beauty and the Beast Scentsy Collection including new products – Enchanted Love Beauty & The Beast Scentsy Warmer & Belle Scentsy Buddy – May 8th at 1pm EST

1 3

Father’s Day Scentsy Collection (May 8th)

1 3

Summer Collection (June)

Summer Time Full size/Mini Warmers, Unicorn Travel Pillow, Happy Thoughts Buddy Clip, Rays & Shine Buddy Clip, New Summer fragrances

1 3

& More

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Scentsy World Tour 2023 | Spring Previews & Sneak Peeks

January 24, 2023

Author: Jennifer Hong

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Stay up to date on the latest Scentsy news & specials! (No consultants, please).

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