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NHL® National Hockey League Scentsy Warmers


National Hockey League Licensed products

Our officially licensed NHL® Collection includes a Scentsy Warmer for every team in the league — yes, all 31! These unique Scentsy Warmers make great display pieces for any fan, featuring each individual teams’ colors and logo, plus a base that resembles a hockey puck. Even the wax dish features the official NHL® logo. They’re perfect for game-day festivities and year-round team spirit.

To complement the warmers, we’re also releasing an exclusive new fragrance, NHL®: Fresh Ice — cold air and icy mint face off at full strength, while a slapshot of sandalwood brings home the win.

Each Warmer is $45 and the NHL Fresh Ice Scentsy Bar is $6.50

Due to the popularity of our NHL® Collection, inventory sold out quickly.

To give you another opportunity to purchase select popular NHL® Scentsy Warmers, we are offering a second-chance presale beginning between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. PT Oct. 22.

The second-chance presale will include all teams that have sold out by the start of the sale on Oct. 22 and will last until 11:59 p.m. PT Oct. 28.

We anticipate products will be available to redeem in March 2021. Customers will be given at least one month to complete their order(s).

Every preordered item will require a nonrefundable $10 deposit, which will go toward the product’s full retail price.


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