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NHL COLLECTION MINI WARMER PRESALE | NHL® Scentsy Collection | Scentsy Warmers  

NHL® National Hockey League Scentsy Warmers


National Hockey League Licensed products

Building on the success of our NHL® Collection launch, we’re adding officially licensed Scentsy Mini Warmers for all 32 teams to the lineup — including the new Seattle Kraken! And we’re offering a presale so you can be the first to get your hands on these collectors’ items.

NHL MINI SCENTSY WARMER | NHL® Scentsy Collection | Scentsy Warmers  

SCENTSY NHL SCENTSY WARMERS LIST 1 | NHL® Scentsy Collection | Scentsy Warmers  

Two hockey players face off around your favorite team’s colors and logo, while the NHL® logo is featured on the dish. It’s the perfect way to show off your team spirit, even in smaller spaces (mini warmer is 3.5″ tall).


NHL® - Scentsy Collection - Not Available

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