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Scentsy is using a new queue system for Consultants and customers for significant upcoming product launches

Due to the high volume of visitors and sales, Scentsy is implementing a queue system on the website and workstation from Queue-It.

Why is Scentsy implementing a queue?

Many of Scentsy’s new products and seasonal launches are in high demand. So, when necessary, we are implementing a queue system to ensure a good experience.

Why don’t I see my spot in the queue or a wait time?

As we prepare the system to queue you, we place everyone into a digital waiting room. There, you will see an approximate launch time.

How will I know my spot in the queue?

When the queue is live, we will display your place in line and your wait time.

How long will I have to wait?

The wait time will vary depending on the number of people waiting to shop. While the queue is live, we will limit Workstation functionality to move everyone through as quickly as possible.

How long until the queue times out if I don’t start shopping?

Once it is your turn to enter the website or workstation(consultant), you’ll have 10 minutes to start shopping or ordering or you’ll be returned to the queue.

How long does my session last once I am shopping?

The session is open for you when you are actively shopping. If there is no activity, the session will terminate after 20 minutes and you will be returned to the queue.

If I clear my cache and cookies, will my spot in the queue or shopping be impacted?

Our system uses a cookie that keeps track of your queue spot. If you clear your cookies, your session resets and you return to the queue.

Can I order multiple items when it’s my turn?

Yes. Shop or order as you normally would.

If I switch my market during my session, will I be kicked out?

No. If you use the market selector in the top right of the website, your session remains active and you will not return to the queue.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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