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Fir needles, baked apples, cinnamon sticks … fragrances that bring to mind Christmas trees and homemade sweets and forever friends gathered ’round a cozy fire. These are the delights of the holidays, the stuff of magic, and the inspiration for our new Scents of the Season Collection, available Friday, Nov. 17.

You are sure to cherish this limited-time offering of five Scentsy Bars, including two brand-new fragrances:

·         NEW Cranberry & Tinsel: mulled cranberries, Siberian fir needle and cedarwood.

·         NEW Sugar Bells: a sweet medley of finely spun sugar, vanilla bean and honeyed chestnut.

Plus, three favorites returning from last year:

·         Blue Christmas: orange peels, cloves, fir needles and cinnamon sticks.

·         St. Nickerdoodle: baked apples, spices and a dusting of powdered sugar.

·         Wassail Wonderland: orange zest, lemon peel and cinnamon stick over fresh fir needles.

These five Scentsy Bars come in a red velvet sack resembling Santa’s bag of goodies, making our Scents of the Season Collection the ideal Christmas gift! This special offer is available only while supplies last, so don’t wait to order!

SCENTSY SCENTSY OF THE SEASON 2017 HOLIDAY | NEW SCENTSY HOLIDAY 2017 SCENTS OF THE SEASON | Scentsy® Online Store | Scentsy Warmers & Scents |  

To make holiday gift-giving as flexible as possible, here are all of the Scents of the Season Collection purchase options:

·         Collection, $24 US (includes velvet sack, while supplies last)

·         Multipack, $24 US (your choice of any 5 Scents of the Season Collection Scentsy Bars, velvet sack not included)

·         Individual Bars, $6 US each

While Tinsel may be sold out, we have lots of beautiful Holiday Warmers to pair with the Scents of the Season!

Also, Check out a Bundle & Save Warmer option and add the Scents of the Season to your bundle for savings!

*Scents of the Season Collection, Multipack, and Scents of the Season Collection + Tinsel Warmer are available for Host Credit only. Individual Bars available for Host Credit and Half-Price Host Rewards. *

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Remember, Scents of the Season is available only for a limited time while supplies last.


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