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Be YOU with Scentsy Body

Being yourself. It shows in your body language. Everything you do is uniquely YOU, and it feels good. So does your nourished and smooth skin. Scentsy Body. It speaks your language.

  • Body Cream

    Spread the love (for your skin). A vitamin-infused, mega-moisturizing cream that softens and protects for your best skin ever. Perfect for after-shower hydration! 8 fl. oz.


  • Hand Cream

    Hand it over! Give your hands a life of luxury with vitamin-packed protection and pampering in a travel-friendly package. 2.7 fl. oz.


  • Hand Soap

    It’s in your hands. The perfect cleansing lather, in fragrances to match the rest of your Scentsy Body products. 7.7 fl. oz.



    Smooth move. Lush and light unite! This replenishing lotion delivers daily, all-over hydration and features an easy-to-use pump. Pairs perfectly with our Hand Soap! 7.7 fl. oz.


  • Body Wash

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Introducing the ultimate everyday cleanser, with a rich, luxurious lather and skin-pampering sunflower oil and aloe. Paraben-free. 7.7 fl. oz.


  • Fragrance Roller

    Roll with it, when a just a kiss of parfum is all you need. 10 mL.


  • Bath Bombs

    Our handcrafted Bath Bombs offer more than just a pretty fizz. Inspired fragrances soothe your senses while premium vitamin-rich moisturizers help nourish and soften your skin. 5.3 oz


  • Bath Soaks

End your day with aaahhh. Formulated with pink Himalayan and Epsom salts, premium moisturizers and exclusive fragrances, Scentsy Soak creates a relaxing bath experience like no other. 2 lbs , multiple uses



More reasons to feel good

  • Scentsy body products contain Sunflower Oil and Aloe


    Many Scentsy Body products contain sunflower oil and/or aloe, both of which can help protect and nourish your skin.

  • Scentsy body products are vitamin rich


    Sunflower oil and aloe are rich in essential vitamins including Vitamin E, which can help promote smooth, healthy-looking skin.

  • Scentsy body products contain Sunflower Oil


    Regular use of vitamin-rich Scentsy Body products can help to lock in moisture, leaving your skin looking fresh and radiant.


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