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Dobby Scentsy Buddy2

Dobby Scentsy Buddy | Harry Potter™ Collection

Not Currently Available

Shop products and fragrances inspired by Harry Potter™ and the Wizarding World.

Hogwarts Castle Scentsy Warmer, $75

Golden Snitch Scentsy Buddy Clip , $20

Hedwig Owl Scentsy Buddy, $40

Wizarding World: Harry Potter Scentsy Bar, $6.50

Dobby Scentsy Buddy, $50

Dobby is a free elf — and now also a Scentsy Buddy! This adorable plush inspired by the beloved Harry Potter™ character also comes with a Wizarding World: Harry Potter™ – Scent Pak. Starting March 1, Dobby™ will be available alongside other fan-favorites in the Harry Potter™ Collection, while supplies last.

With his signature pillowcase and earnest smile, the Dobby™ – Scentsy Buddy is here to bring some magic (and fragrance) into your life! Fans will love this House Elf, from his floppy ears and Gryffindor-themed undergarments to the sock that set him free!

Wizarding World: Harry Potter™ fragrance: Sparkling citrus and green apple illuminate mahogany woods, while vanilla and a touch of amber add warmth and charm.

Harry Potter™ fans are among the most dedicated and passionate of any franchise, which means the magical Harry Potter™ Scentsy Collection is sure to cast a spell.

Hogwarts Castle Scentsy Warmer – A jaw-dropping Scentsy warmer featuring a wraparound design, incredible details and an antiqued finish with plenty of shadowy depth.

Snuggle up to your own Snowy Owl! Our Hedwig™ – Scentsy Buddy will stay loyally by your side, and even comes with a special delivery — a Hogwarts™ acceptance letter just for you.

Golden Snitch Scentsy Buddy Clip fragranced with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Scentsy Fragrance

Previously available products

Hedwig Scentsy Warmer, $75

This intricately detailed warmer features the iconic Snowy Owl perched wisely on a stack of books, as she fixes a protective gaze on you. Details include a cutout on the back that casts a crescent moon-shaped pattern when lit, and large vent holes to help release fragrance.

Here are the fragrances featured in the collection:

Gryffindor™: Bravery and Determination
Race through daring smoky woods, while amber and a touch of dapper cinnamon leaf bring warmth to your journey.

Slytherin™: Cunning and Ambition
Forest woods
 hide dark secrets in fresh oak moss and a sweetly sinister layer of deep blackberry.

Hufflepuff™: Just and Loyal
The Great Hall beckons with sweet and steadfast notes of golden applewhipped vanilla almond and cinnamon sugar.

Ravenclaw™: Wit and Wisdom
A clever concoction of suede and sandalwood is mellowed handsomely by a ribbon of smooth vanilla.

Wizarding World: Harry Potter™

Sparkling citrus and green apple illuminate mahogany woods, while vanilla and a touch of amber add warmth and charm

Scentsy has collaborated with Harry Potter to create magical, wizard-worthy products from warmers to wax fragrances, all inspired by your favorite characters and icons, including the Hogwarts houses and Harry Potter.

Scentsy Dobby 2

Dobby™ Scentsy Buddy | Harry Potter™ Scentsy Collection

April 30, 2023

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