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Buy a Scentsy Diffuser, Get an Extra Shade FREE – August 2016 only, plus additional Sale Discount!

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Get a free Evoke or Instill (SOLD OUT)Shade (customer’s choice) with every Diffuser purchase ( —a $50 (USD) /$60 (CAD) value), plus you’’ll receive an additional 10 percent off as part of the Scentsy sale.

It’’s the same amazing Scentsy Diffuser, now with TWO gorgeous Shades to keep your home décor exciting and fresh, available until Aug. 31 or while supplies last.


Included with this limited-time offer:

  • Includes a lifetime warranty!
  • Stylish, interchangeable Shades let you change up your décor anytime. In August, you get two Shades for the price of one!
  • Features the world’s best ultrasonic nebulizing diffuser to ensure long-lasting high performance.
  • 16 LED lighting effects and three mist settings for total customization.
  • Large water basin for eight hours of continuous use.
  • Instantly fills the air with all-natural Scentsy fragrance!
  • Eligible for Host Rewards, so host a party to save even more!


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