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If your childhood didn’t involve blanket forts strung across the living room furniture, it’s not too late.

Round up your family, grab all the spare blankets you can find and build the fort of your dreams — all for a great cause!


Join our Dream Fort Challenge and bring awareness to the work of Habitat for Humanity, our new charitable cause partners dedicated to building safe, affordable homes for families who need them.

How to enter*

It’s easy!

1. Sit down with your family and dream up your best fort design. Blankets are great, but you can use anything you want to construct your fort. Make a life-size structure with shoeboxes, a miniature clay masterpiece, or an igloo fort in the snow — anything goes!


2. Build your fort!

3. Snap a photo of your dream fort and post it to Instagram using #DreamFortChallenge by Oct. 31.

Be sure to explore all the FORT-tastic designs by clicking on the Dream Fort Challenge image on the Home Page— and encourage everyone to enter! The top 10 photos with the most votes by a Scentsy panel of judges by Oct. 31 will win some amazing prizes.

Who built it best?

When the contest closes, we’re giving away 10 prize packs (worth $185 each) to the winners! They have everything you need for your fall family fun nights, including:

  • Rustic Pumpkin Warmer
  • 3 Scentsy Bars: Cider MillHug in a Mug and Homestead Holiday
  • Lenny the Lamb Scentsy Buddy (with a Pumpkin costume!)
  • Cammy the Cat Scentsy Sidekick
  • Pictionary board game
  • $50 Fandango gift card

The prizes are great, but nothing beats the chance to make fun memories with your family and support an amazing cause.

Thanks for joining us in helping Habitat for Humanity make home possible for more families — and giving more families a chance to make fun memories together! To learn more, visit

Good luck!

*Due to legal regulations, Consultants and customers in Quebec, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Guam are not eligible to enter.


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Make sure those on your gift list are doubly delighted this holiday season:  


First when they discover you’ve dropped new Scentsy Bath Bombs into their stockings. 


Then when they drop one into their bath and experience the extraordinary fragrance, the color, the fizz and the feeling of vitamin-rich moisturizers on their skin! 


Available Nov. 1, 2017, Scentsy Bath Bombs release an effervescent burst in your bathwater as all bath bombs do — but ours offer much more than just a pretty fizz. 



We’ll be hard at work developing more Bath Bombs in the fragrances you love. In the meantime, soak in the fun!


Handcrafted at Scentsy 

Our fragrance experts handcraft each Scentsy Bath Bomb at our state-of-the-art facility in Idaho. They produce small batches to ensure the highest quality and performance — which is why Scentsy Bath Bombs are in limited quantities and available only while supplies last! 



Each Bath Bomb is formulated with our proprietary blend of premium vitamin- and antioxidant-rich ingredients to help moisturize and soften your skin. Premium ingredients include sunflower oil, aloe vera, shea butter, kaolin and olive oil. 


Authentically fragrant 

Best of all, Scentsy Bath Bombs come in some of our most popular fragrances. Stay tuned to find out which ones! 


Don’t forget, quantities are limited. Get ready to shop on Nov. 1 before supplies fizzle! More information to come Tuesday, Oct. 17.  Available in the US & Canada. $8.00 USD.


Scentsy Bath Bombs. More than just a pretty fizz. 

Coming November 1st, 2017



Scentsy Bath Bomb FAQ

What are the main ingredients?  Sodium Bicarbonate  Citric Acid Fragrance Sodium Coco-Sulfate  Sunflower Seed Oil Olive Oil  Kaolin Shea Butter  Aloe Vera Vitamin E

How and where are they made? Each of our premium bath bombs is made by hand at our manufacturing facility in Idaho. We start by small-batch mixing our proprietary blend of premium vitamin- and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Each bath bomb is then carefully hand-packed and left to cure for just the perfect amount of time. They are then wrapped, boxed and ready for you! Producing small batches as needed helps us ensure you are getting only the freshest, most effective product.

What makes bath bombs fizz? It’s a reaction between two of the ingredients: sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. They do not react when dry, but when added to water, they react to create a fun, fizzy experience. This reaction helps the bath bomb break apart, releasing a flurry of moisturizing ingredients, fragrance and color.

What makes Scentsy Bath Bombs different? Our handcrafted bath bombs are the perfect blend of vitamin-packed, antioxidant-rich moisturizing ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, olive oil, kaolin clay, shea butter and aloe. We infuse these ingredients with just the right amount of authentic Scentsy fragrance, leaving you refreshed and relaxed — and your skin amazingly soft.

How long will they be available? Because they’re made in small batches, Scentsy Bath Bombs are limited in quantity and available only while supplies last.

Do they color my bathtub? In our evaluation, we have not experienced this issue. They are made with water soluble colors to provide a beautiful, as well as fragrant, experience.

Do they contain any ingredients that may cause skin irritations? As with all skin-contact products, there is a chance of a mild reaction. If you have sensitive skin, you may consider testing on a small area of skin before full use.

Is there glitter or a surprise inside? Not at this time.

How many can I use at a time? One bomb per bath is recommended, but feel free to combine fragrances as desired. If you have a large bathtub, you may consider using a second for added fragrance.

Are there samples? No.

Will it stain my skin? These products have been tested and do not cause skin staining.

How long does the fragrance last? It varies, but you’ll be able to smell it in your bathroom hours after use.

How big are they? 5.3 oz., roughly the size of a baseball.

Are there bundles available? Not at this time.

What is the shelf-life of bath bombs? Approximately six months.

 What type of dye is used in the bath bombs? FDA-approved dyes for external cosmetics.

Are bath bombs free of chemicals (parabens, sulfates)? Our bath bombs are paraben-free, but not sulfate-free. The sulfates help create a fun foam and cleansing.

Are bath bombs available for half-price and free Host Rewards? Yes.

Will more fragrances be made available? As with any product, we will evaluate the success and determine whether or not it makes sense to offer additional fragrances.

Will bath bombs ever be offered in catalog? They are currently a limited-time-only product.

Big Scentsy October 2017 Sale

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The Flash Sales are now over – Thank you for shopping! Please check out Clearance for more deals!

The sales will include select warmers, Scentsy Bars, Scent Circles and more! You won’t want to miss it!

Flash sale items sell out quickly, so don’t wait to shop! All products are available while supplies last.
Sale products will be available on my website,

Canadian Shoppers, please be sure to change your location to Canada to Shop! 🇨🇦

Increased traffic may cause slowdowns.
We will have queueing ready! When we hit a certain volume of concurrent users on the system, you will see a splash page with an estimated wait time.

New Scentsy Buddy Arriving October 10, 2017 – Eliza the Elephant!

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We just love surprises, and do we have one in store for you! We’re this close to launching our brand-new Scentsy Buddy.          Hint, there is a preview in our Fall Catalog…

 Check back tomorrow, Oct. 10, for the big reveal.        

Mark the dates, and meet our new Buddy soon!  

Here she is!



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New Consultants who join in October will have the chance to earn a FREE Scentsy Go and one pack of Scentsy Pods.* To earn this awesome reward, all you have to do is sell 500 PRV within your first 30 days as a Consultant.

Consultants still join for $99 and receive the Scentsy Starter Kit, which comes with all the essentials for launching a successful Scentsy business:

  • A best-selling warmer
  • 80+ scented testers
  • Catalogs
  • Order forms
  • 3 months of your Personal Website (PWS) FREE, and just $10/month after that.
  • Product samples
  • Even MORE business tools
  • A FREE gift!

Once you hit 500 PRV in sales, new Consultants will be eligible to claim the FREE Scentsy Go and one pack of Scentsy Pods. This promotion goes hand-in-hand with working toward the Shooting Star and Scentsational Start awards.




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November 2017 Warmer & Scent of the Month.

Go for the glitz this holiday season with the spectacular Christmas Glow! When lit, this ornament-inspired design casts intricate patterns of light across any surface.  25WGenerously sized for extra festive fun! 6.5″ H x 7″ W

 $50 $45 ON SALE THE MONTH OF November 2017

Available November 1, 2017

Scentsy 2017 October Scent of the Month ~ Dazzling Pomegranate

Serve a sparkling medley of pomegranate, bright orange and mimosa accord.

On sale the Month of November 2017

Scentsy Bar $6, $5.40
Room Spray $8, $7.20
Scent Circle $3, $2.70

 On Sale Starting November 1st through the month of November while supplies last!
*Discounts do not apply to Combine & Save.

Received the Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month package yesterday. Christmas Glow is a beautful, larged etched glass warmer that gives off a wonderful light pattern.  I have holiday glasses that match this warmer pefectly! It’s shape in size is very similar to our Stargaze Scentsy Warmer. Dazzling Pomegranate is a very fizzy fruity Pomegranate scent…bubbly and effervescent fragrance!


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