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Scentsy March 2021 Warmer & Scent of the Month – Birds of a Feather Warmer & Pink Sugarberry Mint

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 March 2021 Warmer & Scent of the Month 

SHOP 3/1/21

Scentsy March 2021 Warmer of the Month –  Birds of a Feather Scentsy Warmer

A roosting bird nestles down as if warming its eggs, while you warm your favorite fragrance. The white porcelain glows thanks to an LED light, highlighting the ornate details and ensuring more than just birdwatchers will flock to this warmer.
G 5.5″ tall, 20W

$50.00 ON SALE FOR 45.00 in March 

Plump raspberry is delightfully dusted with sugar and the sweetest hint of peppermint.

On sale the Month of March 2021
Scentsy Bar $6, $5.40
Room Spray $8, $7.20
Scent Circle $3, $2.70

On Sale Starting March 1st.

*Discounts do not apply to Combine & Save.

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