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Snow falls outside. You’re curled up with a chunky blanket in a toasty cabin. Welcome to the holidays, and to our new Hygge Wax Collection. Inspired by the Danish idea of comfort, this seasonal assortment includes five Scentsy Bar fragrances designed to bring even more joy and warmth to the most wonderful time of the year. 



Hygge, pronounced hoo-guh, represents a trend our fragrance team has followed closely, resulting in a collection you are sure to welcome with a hoo-ray! 



Fragrances in our Hygge Wax Collection include: 

  • Calming Woods:Wander through a serene stretch of vanilla bean, creamy sandalwood and rich cedarwood. 
  • Cozy Kitchen: Warm up to a blissful batch of warm oats with brown sugar and a spicy cinnamon swirl.  
  • Quiet Clementine: Sweet orange, vanilla orchid and sandalwood bring tranquility to a busy mind.  
  • Toasty Cabin: Bergamot zest, black pepper, wild fern and acacia wood create the perfect space to hide away.   
  • Woolly Slippers: Slide into a sweet-and-cozy cloud of sugared lavender, marshmallow and vanilla. 



These five Scentsy Bars can be purchased in a variety of ways.*  



  • As a collection, $24
    All five bars come in a purple stocking (while supplies last) ideal for gift-giving.
  • As a multipack, $24
    Customize your own five-bar assortment. Stocking not included.
  • As a warmer + collection bundle, $40

Includes our Gather Together Warmer plus the five-bar collection with purple stocking. 


  • Individually, $6 each
    Stocking not included. 


*Hygge Wax Collection, multipack and warmer + collection bundle can be purchased using Host Credit but not Half-Price Host Rewards. Individual bars can be purchased using Host Credit or Half-Price Host Rewards. 

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