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Scentsy expanding into Belgium and Luxembourg Late Summer 2022

Scentsy has expanded into Belgium & Luxembourg

Scentsy will support Consultants and customers in Luxembourg with French and German and in Belgium with Dutch and French.

When can new Consultants begin enrolling in Belgium and Luxembourg, and when can they start selling Scentsy products?
You can join as Consultants in Belgium and Luxembourg and sell Scentsy products starting in late summer 2022.

How much is a Starter Kit in Belgium and Luxembourg? €99 (VAT inclusive, plus shipping).

How old do you have to be to join as a Consultant in Belgium and Luxembourg? At least 18 years old.

Will Consultants in Belgium and Luxembourg be able to earn the Shooting Star and Scentsational Start awards?
Yes. The Consultant Guide for Belgium and Luxembourg will include specifics about each of the awards and how to achieve them.

What business tools will be available for Consultants in Belgium and Luxembourg?

New Belgium and Luxembourg Consultants will be able to download a variety of non-printed business tools from Scentsy Success, these markets are specifically digital only, so printed catalogs, product training, and Host and Join brochures are available for download in PDF format.

What other tools will be available to new Consultants?

Like all Consultants, those in Belgium and Luxembourg will have access to their own Scentsy Workstation and may subscribe to a PWS. The New Consultant area includes many helpful tools. Also make use of the First Things First checklist on your dashboard.

What products and programs will be available in Belgium and Luxembourg?

Belgium and Luxembourg will have the same products and programs available throughout Europe, including Scent of the Month, Scentsy Club, Whiff Box, limited-time offers, The Disney Collection and other licensed products.

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Scentsy in Belgium & Luxembourg | Join Now

August 22, 2022

Author: Jennifer Hong

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FREE Website for 3 months

Just $15/month after that

No Monthly Requirement

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Being a Scentsy Consultant comes with some pretty awesome perks:

How much can I make?

Make 20% in Scentsy Commission, plus bonuses and perks.*

SalesPotential income

*Earn 20% on the first 1,000 points in lifetime Personal Retail Volume (PRV) and then 25% on all sales afterwards.

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