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See the total amount donated and the causes Scentsy supported

Thanks to the Simple Reminders Warmers you sold throughout the Spring/Summer 2023 Catalog season, we generated $65,158.66* to donate in the U.S.! So where did the money go?

Based on feedback gathered from you and your customers over the past six months, along with a commitment to our collective mission and values, we selected organizations focusing on children’s development initiatives such as mental health, education and physical well-being. With this goal in mind, the Scentsy Family Foundation made donations to On Our SleevesJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and Girls on the Run. Here’s a little more about each of these incredible organizations:

  • On Our Sleeves makes an impact for children’s mental health by providing free expert-created resources to communities in all 50 states so everyone can understand and promote mental health for children.
  • For over 50 years, JDRF has funded research to cure and improve the lives of those with type 1 diabetes. It also focuses on advocacy for research support and ensuring new therapies are available for those who need it most.
  • Girls on the Run works with girls from third to eighth grade to inspire joy, health and confidence. It helps girls learn about the connection between physical and emotional health to empower them to build healthy habits and pursue their dreams. 

Thank you for your commitment to helping children, families and communities through this program!

*Total amount includes any donations earned through clearance and other sales featuring previous cause warmers.

The Scentsy Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports charitable causes in North America focusing on children, families and communities. For more information about our charitable cause program, visit here

Simple Reminder Scentsy 600 × 600 px

Scentsy charitable cause donation summary for the Spring/Summer 2023 season

September 28, 2023


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