Bless this Home Scentsy Warmer


Warm light shining through the windows and illuminating the stencil-cut lettering makes this
house a home. Remove the roof of this tin warmer to access the dish.
Glow 10″ tall, 25W bulb



Melt Scentsy wax with the heat of an electric low-watt light bulb or element Scentsy warmer and fill your space with fragrance — not flame, smoke, or soot.

• Over 100 Scentsy Warmer designs — including mini warmers — to suit every taste and décor. Available with or without illumination!

• Featuring high-quality materials like ceramic, glass and metal, all handcrafted by artisans around the world.

• Finish the look with fun, stylish accessories like Scentsy colored light bulbs and Scentsy warmer stands.

• Lifetime Scentsy Warranty!

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Scentsy Warmer Dimensions

10" Tall

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