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Scentsy Travel Tins

Slide the cover open to add a little fragrance — or a lot. Perfect for travel or in small spaces like cars, lockers, closets and bathrooms.

What is the material used in a Travel Tin? Travel Tins contain metagel, a microscopic, sponge-like, open-cell foam and fragrance oils. Travel Tins stay solid up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

How should I use my Travel Tin? Simply slide the cover over a little for a bit of fragrance and a lot if you want a stronger fragrance throw.

Where should I use my Travel Tin? Travel Tins are designed for smaller spaces and are perfect for gym lockers, hotel rooms, bathrooms, cars, closets or anywhere a fragrance on the go would be beneficial. Make sure you’re familiar with the consumer warning label on the back of the packaging.

How long does a Travel Tin last? The length of a Travel Tin is dependent upon several conditions: Travel Tins lose potency faster in a hot or dry environment, as opposed to a cold or humid one. Some scents disperse at a faster rate than others, so two Travel Tins opened at the same time will likely have different life spans. Travel Tins with a fully opened lid will dispense scent faster than if the lid is partially opened.

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