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New warmers and scents for the Kids ~ Argh, Matey and Under the Sea!

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Or, for the the Kid at heart!! Simply adorable!

Argh, Matey Warmer Lampshade Warmer

Swashbucklers take to the high seas aboard a playful glass warmer designed especially for kids’ rooms. When lit, it casts an enchanting glow, perfect for use as a bedroom nightlight and decorative display anywhere kids want a creative accent to call their own.



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Under the Sea Lampshade Warmer



Mermaids swoop and dive across this glass warmer in a colorful display. The broad, silver-toned base is ideal for kid-friendly spaces like bedrooms or playrooms, and when lit, the warmer takes on a mesmerizing quality sure to keep imaginations swimming.

Available Here!



Great new scents for the kids as well: Wild What-a-melon, Jammy Time, Candy Dandy and Berry Bubble Blue

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