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LIFES A GARDEN SCENTSY COLLECTION 2 | NEW! Life's a Garden Scentsy Collection | Shop Now  

life’s a garden Scentsy Collection


The Life’s a Garden Wax & Warmer Collection is all about growth and new beginnings! The Happy Herbitat Warmer (6.5” tall)  will help any space turn over a new leaf. Bring fresh-picked herbal fragrances into your home with five new Scentsy bars. This wax collection comes with a giftable bag and a mixed basil and parsley seed packet so you can start your own indoor herb garden!

Life’s a Garden Wax Bundle $28 

Apple Parsley Fresh-picked parsley brings a subtle crispness to tart apple and a luscious layer of juicy pear.

Chamomile Daisy — Bright lemon zest warms to a tranquil, tea-inspired blend of chamomile flowers and fresh-picked daisy.

Lavender Violet — A swirl of sweet spun sugar takes garden-grown lavender and violet to alluring marshmallow depths.

Pineapple MintJuicy pineapplefresh orange and refreshing spearmint offer a crisp twist on tropical.

Strawberry Basil — Fresh, green basil garnishes strawberry and raspberry for a dreamy, on-the-vine vibe.

Life’s a Garden Bag

Packet of mixed basil and parsley seeds

LIFE'S A GARDEN WAX COLLECTION | NEW! Life's a Garden Scentsy Collection | Shop Now  

Individual Life’s a Garden Scentsy Bars $6 

Happy Herbitat Warmer $40 

  • An elegant homage to nature’s subtle treasures, this warmer is perfect for the budding gardener.



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