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NEW! Scentsy Dryer Sheets

New! Scentsy Dryer Sheets

Highly requested Dryer Sheets available March 1st while supplies last

Cost: $11

Dryer Sheets have long been requested by you, so we’re excited to offer them for a limited time!

Scentsy Dryer Sheets are the missing piece to the Scentsy Laundry routine. They soften fabrics, release wrinkles and reduce static while adding a touch of long-lasting Scentsy fragrance in each dryer load. One box contains 80 sheets.

Dryer Sheets can be used on their own — or use them with the rest of our Laundry products for the ultimate fragrant laundry experience.

Dryer Sheets will be available first in the fan-favorite, bestselling Laundry fragrance, Clothesline. We may choose to add more fragrances down the road, depending on how well they’re received.

NEW! Scentsy Dryer Sheets
NEW! Scentsy Dryer Sheets
NEW! Scentsy Dryer Sheets

Scentsy Dryer Dryer Sheets FAQ

What are Scentsy Dryer Sheets?

Scentsy Dryer Sheets are scented sheets you add to the dryer to soften fabrics, fight static and more.

What are the benefits of Scentsy Dryer Sheets?

Dryer sheets combat static in your dryer, soften fabrics, help release wrinkles and add world-class, long-lasting fragrance.

How do I use Scentsy Dryer Sheets?

Load your laundry into the dryer and place a Scentsy Dryer Sheet on top. Run your dryer as you normally would.

How many Scentsy Dryer Sheets should I use at one time?

Add one new Scentsy Dryer Sheet per normal load, or up to two sheets for larger loads.

Can I reuse a Scentsy Dryer Sheet?

No. Scentsy Dryer Sheet is designed to offer maximum benefits in a single load of laundry. Discard after one use.

Can I recycle Scentsy Dryer Sheet?

No. The Scentsy Dryer Sheet must be discarded.

How many Scentsy Dryer Sheets per box?


How do I avoid spotting on my laundry?

Dryer sheets need to move freely through the load of laundry, so it’s important to avoid overloading the dryer. If spotting does occur, wet the fabric and rub the spot with a bar of pure soap, rinse well and re-wash the item.

Can I use Scentsy Dryer Disks and Scentsy Dryer Sheets in the same cycle?

Scentsy Dryer Disks provide fragrance. Scentsy Dryer Sheets fight static, soften fabric and release wrinkles. Use Scentsy Dryer Sheets on their own for a mild fragrance experience and combine with other Scentsy Laundry products to boost the fragrance intensity.

How long will the fragrance last?

Fragrance longevity depends on the fabric, dryer temperature and cycle length. Use the complete lineup of Scentsy Laundry products for the best, longest-lasting fragrance experience.

Should I avoid using Scentsy Dryer Sheets on any fabrics?

Scentsy Dryer Sheets are safe to use with all machine-washable fabrics.

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NEW! Scentsy Dryer Sheets

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