SCENTSY 28 29 Ripe, fresh-squeezed and always sweet. Includes notes like pineapple, peach, strawberry and apple. BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA SEA SALT & AVOCADO APRICOT VANILLA CAMU CAMU SHIMMER BERRY FAIRY TALE PINEAPPLE PUCKER LUCKY IN LOVE SKINNY DIPPIN’ BERRY OF PARADISE GO, GO, MANGO SOUTHERN SWEET TEA Delicious, sun-sweetened DARK BERRIES warmed with VANILLA. PERFECTLY POMEGRANATE Dark and juicy POMEGRANATE with a sweet BERRY finish; this is a classic. HAVANA CABANA Luscious medley of PINEAPPLES, ORANGES, BANANAS and BERRIES. You do you, while PINK SEA SALT, Valencia ORANGE and creamy AVOCADO keep your spirit in flight. HEIRLOOM PEACH, APRICOT and VANILLA ICE CREAM tempt fate (and everyone else). One of Heidi’s favorites! Tropical oasis of lush MANDARIN, CAMU CAMU and PASSION FRUIT. Sweet CHERRIES, velvety APRICOTS and sensual WHITE MUSK crowned with a tiara of shimmering SPUN SUGAR. Sweet dreams are made of PINEAPPLE SLICES, STAR APPLE and RASPBERRY. FRESH PINEAPPLE steals the show in this eye-opening tropical production. Sweet bouquet of MANDARIN, BERGAMOT and ORANGE with hints of PEACHES and BERRIES. Fresh GREEN APPLES perfectly harmonized with refreshing MELONS and juicy PEARS. Scrumptious SUGARED STRAWBERRY, BIRD OF PARADISE and VANILLA BEAN. Juicy MANGO and MELON garnished with HIBISCUS and sweet BANANA FLOWER. PARADISE PUNCH A medley of wild INDIAN ORANGE and sunny LEMON JUICE, AÇAÍ BERRIES and STARFRUIT. A splash of HEIRLOOM PEACH, ORANGE JUICE and WHITE TEA. FRUITY Available as Scentsy Bars, Room Sprays and Scent Circles. For more ways to experience these fragrances, see pages 64-65.  CANDY CRAVE Just the sweet stuff! RASPBERRY SORBET, COTTON CANDY and fluffy MARSHMALLOW. PINEAPPLE COCONUT VANILLA Ride the wind alongside COCONUT, PINEAPPLE blush and BLUE FIG. Classic to sparkling citrus blends. Includes notes like orange, grapefruit, mandarin and lemon. CITRUS ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE LEMON VERBENA BLUE GROTTO OODLES OF ORANGE COCONUT LEMONGRASS SUNKISSED CITRUS LEMON SORBET Crisp, GINGERY TANGERINE and exotic PALM FROND keep things clean and bright. Fresh LEMON ZEST, bright LIME and VERBENA LEAF. Run away with fresh TROPICAL notes, sweet CITRUS and LUSH BOTANICALS. Citrus notes punched up by PINEAPPLE, PAPAYA, MANGO and BERRIES. Creamy, tropical COCONUT and sunny, bright LEMONGRASS. Lively blend of ORANGES, LEMONS, LIMES and GRAPEFRUIT. FRESH-CUT LEMON and GRAPEFRUIT ZEST sweetened by SUGARCANE. Get in the groove with TANGELO ZEST, MANGO PUREE and COCONUT MILK. DEWY OR DON’T WE JOHNNY APPLESEED PIÑA COLADA CHA-CHA PRICKLY PEAR & AGAVE STRAWBERRY TAFFY TROPIC TANGO PRICKLY PEAR and AGAVE are sweet as a desert sunset behind a dreamy veil of SHEER PETALS. Nostalgic notes of VANILLA TAFFY folded with STRAWBERRY PUREE beckon straight from memory lane. We definitely dew! JUST-CRUSHED BASIL over RIPE CANTALOUPE is a gift from the garden gods. I’ll take my fragrance with extra sunshine Just-picked MCINTOSH pops with APPLE PEELS and a hint of CRISP PEAR. Island COCONUT and zesty PINEAPPLE lead; WHITE RUM and VANILLA BEAN follow. SCENT