Meticulously crafted ceramic-and-cement design! HOW IT’S MADE new! *Cannot be purchased in Bundle & Save. WARMERS These designs prove that classic never goes out of style. VINTAGE GLASS G $20 3.5" tall, 15W glass ALABASTER G $30 6" tall, 25W ALABASTER G $20 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic MIDCENTURY G $50* 7" tall, 40W JANE R $35 6" tall, 25W ETCHED CORE G $30 6" tall, 25W The Scentsy Warmer design! original transcends BEAUTY SCENTSY 10 11 CLASSIC CURVE R $30 6" tall, 25W Available in Gloss White, Gloss Navy, Gloss Gray and Satin Black SEEDLING R $35 7" tall, 25W new!