MICKEY MOUSE $40 MINNIE MOUSE $40 YUKON KINGR 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic WHOOTG 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic WILDLIFEG 4" tall, 15W glass VINTAGE GLASSG 3.5" tall, 15W glass ROOM SPRAY $8 SCENTSY CAR BAR $6 SCENTSY OIL $10-$24 SCENT CIRCLE $3 SCENT CIRCLE $3.25 SCENT PAK $7 SCENT PAK $7.50 TRAVEL TIN $5 SCENTSY PODS Pack of 2, $10 SCENTSY BAR $6 SCENTSY BAR $6.50 BODY CREAM 8 fl. oz., $13 BATH BOMB 5.3 oz., $8 BODY WASH 7.7 fl. oz., $9 HAND CREAM 2.7 fl. oz., $9 SCENTSY SOAK 2 lbs., $12 BLUE WATERCOLOR G 3.5" tall, 15W glass SAND DOLLARG 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic SEA STARR 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic TEA ROSEG 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic OCTOPUSR 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic MORNING SUNRISEG 3.5" tall, 15W glass LIVE SIMPLY H® 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic CHASING FIREFLIESG 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic CRAZY HOT MESSG 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic CRANBERRY GLASSG 3.5" tall, 15W glass BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMSG 4" tall, 15W glass BELIEVE 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic $15 MINI WARMER TABLETOP BASE INCLUDES ONE 15-WATT BULB $20 MINI WARMERS $20 MINI WARMERS (CONT.) $20 MINI WARMERS (CONT.) SCENTSY BODY SCENT HOME IS WHERE MY CAT IS H® 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic HOME IS WHERE MY DOG IS H® 3.5" tall, 15W, ceramic KIDS (CONT.) KIDS THE DISNEY COLLECTION* (CONT.) THE DISNEY COLLECTION* THE DISNEY COLLECTION* (CONT.) THE DISNEY COLLECTION* (CONT.) NEW! BAMBI in TWITTERPATED DORY in JUST KEEP SWIMMING NEW! THUMPER in TWITTERPATED NEMO in JUST KEEP SWIMMING WINNIE THE POOH in HUNDRED ACRE WOOD EVA THE ELEPHANT in JAMMY TIME MOE THE MONKEY in JAMMY TIME LENNY THE LAMB $25 FARAH THE FLAMINGO in CRAZY COCONUT PEP in GLEEFUL GRAPE SCOUT THE DRAGON in WILD WHAT-A-MELON NEW! ZIP in CANDY CRAVE A fun-loving friend for all, Lenny the Lamb will be available for purchase throughout the catalog season and beyond. LIMITED-TIME-ONLY SCENTSY BUDDIES Scentsy Buddies are available only while supplies last, so contact your Scentsy Consultant or visit their website to see which ones are available now. STARTING AT $25, INCLUDES ONE SCENT PAK BUDDY CLIPS $15 SCENTSY FRIENDS $40 (includes one Scent Pak) BLANKIE BUDDIES $20 SCENTSY BUDDIES (includes one Scent Pak) SCENTSY SIDEKICKS $24 EACH SCENTSY BUDDY CLIPS $18 SIDEKICKS $20 EACH *CannotbepurchasedusingHostRewardsorPerpetualPartyRewards. TABLETOP BASE FOR CERAMIC MINI WARMER 3" tall with bulb TABLETOP BASE FOR GLASS MINI WARMER 3" tall with bulb NEW! CHANTILLY LACEG 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic BURLAP STAR H 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic To shop the full selection of Disney fragrances, see page 33. TIGGER in HUNDRED ACRE WOOD ©Disney/Pixar ©Disney NEW! BOO THE BEAR in JAMMY TIME NEW! DILLY THE DOG & FINLEY THE FROG in CANDY CRAVE NEW! GLITTER GOLDG 4" tall, 15W glass NEW! GLITTER SILVERG 4" tall, 15W glass GEOG 4" tall, 15W glass HAPPY CAMPERG 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic DREAM IT, LIVE IT, LOVE ITG 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic FRAGRANCE ROLLER 10 mL, $16 BATHROOM CLEANER 16 fl. oz., $8 COUNTER CLEAN 16 fl. oz., $10 SCENTSY FRESH 16 fl. oz., $12 CLEAN DRYER DISKS Pack of 2, $7 LAUNDRY LIQUID 20 fl. oz., $16 SCENT SOFT 32 fl. oz., $16 WASHER WHIFFS 16 oz., $12 48 oz., $30 LAUNDRY HAND SOAP 7.7 fl. oz., $6 LOTION 7.7 fl. oz., $11 NEW! ALL-PURPOSE CONCENTRATE 24 fl. oz., $18 NEW! DISH SOAP 16 fl. oz., $10 NEW! ALABASTERG 3.5" tall, 15W ceramic NEW! LILY GARDENG 4" tall, 15W glass NEW! PINK WATERCOLORG 4" tall, 15W, glass NEW! EMILY & ELIZA THE ELEPHANT NEW! SIERRA & SWEETIE PIE THE LAMB NEW! CALYPSO THE UNICORN in BERRY FAIRY TALE NEW! SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY 6" tall, 15W, ceramic NEW! DONALD DUCK $35 NEW! DAISY DUCK $35 SPRING / SUMMER 2019 make the most of every moment US-EN WAVES & WONDER PLACE STAMP HERE The post office will not deliver without postage The SCENTSY ® word mark, the Scentsy ® logos and the distinctive product configuration trade dress of the Scentsy ® -brand warmers are all registered and common law trademarks of, and/or are protected by design patents belonging to, Scentsy, Inc., both in the United States and internationally. © 2006-2019. Scentsy, Inc. is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), the international trade association of direct selling companies. DSA members adhere to a strict code of conduct, so you can be assured you're doing business with an ethical, reputable company. START L I V I N G T H E S C E N T S Y L I F E B E C O M E A S C E N T S Y C O N S U LTANT JO IN FO R $ 99! See pages 60-63. for every B U D D Y something Contact your Consultant for a list of available scented plush Scentsy Buddies. BARCODE FPO BARCODE FPO Incandescent.Scentsy.us