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Scentsy 2015 Holiday Christmas Santa Claus

Old World Santa Scentsy Warmer Premium

Old World Santa Scentsy Warmer Premium
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Scentsy Old World Santa Warmer

From the Scentsy October 2015 Holiday Collection

Tell a charming old tale with Saint Nicolas himself, as storied and grand as the spirit of Christmas. Dressed in his classic hat and coat, with a golden lantern draped from one hand, he softly comes to bring cheer and light to anyone who believes in him. $60.00   $48.00 on Sale while supplies last!


**This is a beautiful 3 piece warmer.  It does NOT light up. It utilizes a heating element of 8 watts in its base, a wax warming dish and the top part is St. Nick with his lantern.  9.5″ tall**





New Scentsy 2015 Holiday / Christmas Catalog ~ Available for purchase October 1, 2015

New Scentsy 2015 Holiday / Christmas Catalog ~ Available for purchase October 1, 2015
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Check out the 2018 Scentsy Holiday /Christmas Catalog & Products

Scentsy 2015 Holiday Christmas Flyer

Scentsy 2015 Holiday Christmas Flyer 2



NEW Scentsy Advent Calendar

Enrich your family’s traditions and create new memories together as Christmas draws near. Each day holds a small, fragrant gift – in the form of a wax or personal care sample – to share with the ones you love.

$90 each, 17.25” W, 11.25” H, 2” D

(Advent Calendar includes 20 1-ounce Scentsy Bar wax samples, 3 Velvet Hand Cream samples, 3 Whipped Body Soufflé samples, 1 Cream Shave Soap sample and 1 Refreshing Shave Balm sample in preselected Scentsy fragrances.)

Scentsy 2015 Holiday Christmas Flyer 3

Scentsy 2015 Holiday Christmas Flyer 3










NEW Scentsy Fragrant Fables

Every fragrance tells a story. Share the scents you love most with A Holiday Tale, A Classic Tale or A Delectable Tale. Each book contains 10 1-ounce Scentsy Bar wax samples that capture the theme.

$35 each, 7” W, 9.5” H, 1.75” D

NEW Scentsy A Holiday Tale (Includes all Holiday fragrances)

NEW Scentsy A Classic Tale  (Includes 10 Classics fragrances)

NEW Scentsy A Delectable Tale (Includes all Corner Café fragrances)

NEW Scentsy Old World Santa $60, 9.5” tall

NEW Scentsy Noel G $35, 6” tall, 25w

NEW Scentsy Porcelain Ornaments in Very Berry Spruce and Christmas Cranberry

Scentsy 2015 Holiday Christmas Flyer 5Scentsy 2015 Holiday Christmas Flyer 5










NEW Scentsy Holiday Reindeer $60, 9” tall

Scentsy Cardinal  $30.00

NEW Scentsy Bethlehem $30, 6” tall, 25w

NEW Snowman Wrap $40 warmer + wrap, $12 wrap only, 5.5” tall, 25w, (Shown with Etched Core Warmer)

NEW Scentsy Snowman Countdown

Is it Christmas Day yet? Let little ones know just how long they have to wait with a frosty, friendly snowman dressed in his wintry best. Includes numbered dice to mark each December day. $50 each, 8.5″ tall, 20w

NEW Scentsy Happy Holidays Nightlight $20, 4.25” tall, 15w

NEW Scentsy Holiday Gift Bar Box 

A charming Christmas cottage ready to be filled with festive holiday fragrance. Fits three Scentsy Bars, sold separately. $4 each, 3.5” W, 6.5” H

Scentsy 2015 Holiday Christmas Flyer 7

Scentsy 2015 Holiday Christmas Flyer 8

NEW Scentsy Percy the Penguin Buddy
What’s black and white and adorable all over? Percy the Penguin is the perfect, cuddly companion to your child’s Christmas morning. $30 each, includes one Scent Pak

NEW Scentsy Baby Tux Penguin Plugin $20, 3.5” tall, 15w

Scentsy Tux Penguin $35, 7.5” tall, 20w

NEW Scentsy Oils 3-Pack

Our three mood-enhancing Single- Note Essential Oils — Eucalyptus, Lavender and Peppermint — beautifully arranged in a gorgeous gift box. Pair them with our new Scentsy Diffuser for a luxurious and exquisitely customizable fragrance experience. $25 each

NEW Scentsy Fine Fragrance Roller 5-Pack

Featuring 3ml samples of all five Skin fragrances, this lush assortment will captivate both casual admirers and fragrance connoisseurs.

$35 each

These items are available for purchase October 1, 2015.  

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