My trip to the Scentsy Spring 2016 World Tour



Back from the Scentsy 2016 World Tour here in the Midwest! My first time ever going and won’t be my last.  I really enjoyed everything about it, including getting a look and smell at all the new products from the Spring / Summer 2016 Catalog and all the excitement that Scentsy has to offer.

I apologize for my pictures!  I am definitely not a photographer. 🙂 I did my best to take as many as possible, and in doing so, I somehow seemed to missed the Ocean Mosaic Scentsy Warmer, Sea Urchin Scentsy Warmer, and the Doodle Dot.

Scent and decor is so subjective and personal, I have posted below my standouts for this upcoming season.  All in all, everything was amazing!

Honorable Mentions

New Warmers & Diffusers

  • Scentsy Nest Warmer ~ So beautiful, my absolute favorite.  The warmer is built into the metal base.  It is an element warmer and so very natural and gorgeous.   Will go with so much and unique.  My must have warmer.
  • Scentsy Flutter Warmer ~ Also, an element warmer.  This has a very pretty limey green/yellow distressed finish.  I love it.  The bowl is sort of a frosted glass and a good size for a decent amount of wax.
  • Scentsy Spring Creek Wrap ~ Love this wrap with the flowers and dragonflies in 3d like detail.  Great job on this one!  If you already have a silhouette warmer, these are always a steal to change your decor.  The wrap is $15.00.  If you’d like to purchase with a silhouette warmer, it is $43.00
  • Zuni Scentsy Warmer Element ~ This one surprised me and quite frankly wasn’t really on my radar at all.  It’s very pretty.  The bowl and top of the base is bronze and metallic, bottom is like a clay pot.  I really, really like this warmer and great for any season.
  • Reflect Scentsy Diffuser ~ No surprise upon seeing this one. I knew I’d love it, and it does not disappoint at all. It is very reflective(as it’s name implies), with speckles of light reaching out.  I already have the Aspire Diffuser, but with the addition of the new fabulous oils(more on that), I will not hesitate to grab this one too.
  • Ribbon Sunset Nightlight Warmer ~ Received this in my product package. This is a really fun, colorful warmer(not neon).  I really like the way the light shines through the ribbons and casts a nice glow.  It’s just the right amount of light for our master bathroom where our cat frequents.  It’s not too bright for me and she can see where she’s going(she’s a senior cat).  My pick of the new nightlights!

If you have younger kids, all the kids warmers are so adorable.  I’ve never even seen Argh Matey and Under the Sea.  Really cute for the Kids.  The Buddies Ark Warmer is big and very high quality.  I think most parents will love this warmer.  Onto the Kids Diffusers, my favorite is Deep Blue Sea…just a personal preference and reminds me of the beach, Finding Nemo, etc.  I love the way the colors come out of the bubble holes and the details.  Both Kids Diffusers are adorable though.  The magnets are ingenious and fun! I picked a few and moved them around and it’s a very innovative product.

New Release Fragrances

  • Citrus Popnice Orange Soda scent.  Love it.
  • Clotheslineif you like Laundry scents this one is for you. Very strong.  Going in my teenagers’s room :).
  • Oodles of Orange – Kids Scents.  I love all the Kids Scents.  This one is kind of like a Dreamsicle.  Creamy orange scent. So good and reminds me of summer days.
  • Brazilian Grapes ~ not overly grape.  Touch of grape with herbal note and lemon.
  • Blackberry Meringue ~ light bakery and a wonderful blackberry, creamy sugared fragrance.
  • Cotton Candy Cookie ~ Straight up Cotton Candy here and spot on. Love this fragrance of being back at the carnival in summer.
  • Southern Evening ~ Surprise like for me as I thought this might come across like perfume(in my mind).  Since I love French Lavender and geranium, this is heavenly and reminds me of nights back in the south.  Gorgeous fragrance.

Oils, Oils, Oils..

Scentsy really upped their game with the Essential & Natural Oils.  I loved most of them!

  • Dash Essential Oil Blend ~ Fabulous. If you love Lemon Zest, Citrus and tart fruit. This is a fabulous pick me up Oil. A must have.
  • Jasmine White Tea 100% Natural Oil ~ Jasmine, lemongrass, bergamot are standouts in this oil. It’s pure romance and relaxation in a bottle. Couldn’t put this one down.
  • Lemon Thyme 100% Natural Oil~ Lemon lovers again! Nice citrus mixed with thyme for an herbal, sunny fragrance. Fab.
  • Orange Strawberry Melon 100% Natural Oil ~ Stand out again.  Uniquely different for a diffuser.  Tropical heavenly oil, perfect for summer.

These are some of my notable mentions, and too many for me to name because I may as well put the entire list 🙂

~Spring is almost here~

Available online on March 1st, 2016







Fun, flirtatious cherry, black plum and a warm whiff of sandalwood spin a succulent springtime yarn. 


Set off on a rainforest romp swirling with sweet notes of melon, orange zest, coconut milk and sultry night-blooming jasmine. 


Blackberry, sugared fig, black plum and a pinch of ground spice mingle deliciously in this to-die-for sensory dessert. 


Fresh apple and a luscious assortment of tropical fruit enjoy a sprightly pop of whipped sugar and creamy vanilla. 


Bergamot zest, grapevine and sugared lemon weave a softly sweet fragrance deepened by a hint of aged oak. 


Zen beckons like a siren’s song from this crisp, meditative blend of lime mist, water lotus, green tea and delicate aloe leaf. 


Bright but not overly sweet, this radiant blend of bergamot, sparkling mandarin and orange blossom was crafted especially for those who love a pure citrus scent. 


Crisp greens, orange flower, creamy violet and even a hint of white wicker basket will let you savor the scent of just-washed laundry — dried naturally in the fresh air — anytime you please. 


It’s a trip to the county fair. Little hands clutching cotton candy and cookies while gooey treats topped with sugared raspberries beg to be tasted. 


A luscious luau of dewy passion fruit, fresh-cut mango spears and wild hibiscus will conjure an evening at an exotic island soirée. 


This innocent arrangement of wild flowers, sweet honeysuckle and ripe, juicy berries will whisk you away to the end of the rainbow. 


Take a meadow stroll amidst fresh air redolent with a dash of citrus, while white woods and amber lend warm, exquisite undertones 


Inspired by the gooseberries native to the Italian Alps, this tart fragrance is sweetened by crisp green apple, ripe guava and an exotic touch of coconut milk. 


Luscious raspberry jam and black plum are quietly cooled by a sprig of wild mint in a fragrance that beckons the dreamer in us all. 


A breath of ocean air, dappled with salted grapefruit and sweetened just so by hints of pink ginger, lemon zest and vanilla bean. 


Like a trace of perfume lingering sweetly in her wake, this romantic twirl of French lavender, geranium, subtle fruits and white musk will prove an enchanting escape. 


Sail a tranquil sea redolent with quiet Atlantic seaberry, water hyacinth, red cassis and fresh, exquisite teakwood. 


Steal away to a sunny isle bursting with lush plumeria, tiger lily and sweet orange softened by vanilla and radiant amber. 


It’s spring at its most picturesque: Fresh apple blossoms, green melon and sugared citrus mingle with a splash of cucumber water for a calming finish. 


Sweet apple, juicy pear and yellow buttercups swirl as softly as a summer day, while a wisp of white musk quietly charms in the background. 

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